There is a pretty strong stigma against dentures that stems from a proliferation of cheap, poorly fitting dentures that were so widespread there was actually a federal act passed in 1942 that attempted to halt the sale and shipment of dentures “[to] a state or territory … which had been cast by a person not licensed to practice dentistry in the state into which the dentures were sent.”

Fortunately, given advances in dental technology and techniques, there are fantastic dentures available that are leagues above the poorly made dentures of the past. What exactly makes these dentures stand out?

Dental Implants

Most people wouldn’t think to combine dental implants and dentures, but they actually work quite well together. Your dentures can be anchored in place with dental implants which not only prevents embarrassing slippage and the potential hazard of choking on them in your sleep, but can also stimulate your jawbone preventing bone deterioration that commonly occurs with edentulism.

Better Materials

We all know about our founding father’s wooden teeth, and while our grandparents probably didn’t have to deal with splinters in their gums, most old dentures were either made with plastic or porcelain. Plastic dentures do not look like natural teeth, and porcelain is very fragile and can break given the everyday strain that we put on our teeth. Most good dentures today are made from an advanced ceramic which not only looks like natural teeth, but also doesn’t break with everyday use.

We Know What Makes a Smile Great

Not all smiles are the same, and that is what makes a smile great. Everyone’s mouth is different and what looks great on one person may not look as nice on another. Dentures of the past were one size fits all, and that is simply the wrong approach to take when crafting a great set of dentures.

Realistic Base

A great smile is more than just great looking teeth, healthy looking gums are just as important. Cheaply made dentures tend to have a plastic looking base which is just as unaesthetic as using plastic for the teeth. Modern dentures are constructed to replicate the depth and texture of natural gum tissue. Plus there are more colors available to match the hue of your natural gums.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

This is what separates a great set of dentures from a good set of dentures. It is not enough that dentures mimic the appearance of teeth, they should also function like natural teeth. This means that they should not leave our face looking sunken and aged and should fill out our face like our natural teeth.

We can now craft dentures with an understanding of how the gums, jaw, joints, and jaw muscles all work together which means that they not only are more comfortable and look better, but also function like healthy natural teeth.

Dr. Weinstock proudly offers Fountain of Youth Dentures ® at Michael L. Weinstock, DDS. FOY Dentures ® are crafted with your unique facial and neuromuscular structure in mind which means that they will fit, look, and function like your natural teeth. If you live in the Altamonte Springs area and are interested in learning more about FOY Dentures ® or would like to schedule an appointment give us a call at (407) 809-4329 today.