You might not think it, but dentures are among the most common objects swallowed by adults (third, to be precise, after fish bones and other animal bones). Small dentures can be inhaled, but most dentures are swallowed with food or drink, or else when the wearer is sleeping. There are basically two successful strategies for avoiding swallowing your dentures.

Take Them Out

Not all dentures are effective for chewing. If you have partial dentures that are small and are not secured by clasps or hooks, you should consider taking them out when you are eating. These dentures may not be as secure as you would like, and if they get mixed up with your food, they can be easily swallowed.

You should also take dentures out when sleeping. You should almost never sleep with your dentures in, it’s an invitation to trouble. Not just swallowing of dentures, but also infection of the denture, your gums, and your neighboring teeth can result from sleeping with your dentures in.

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Get Dental Implants

We understand that the prospect of taking your teeth out to eat is not very appealing. If you have lost just a few teeth and are looking for a solution that will let you eat comfortably, dental implants will let you get the ability to eat any type of food you want, without worrying that you’re going to swallow a denture.

Dental implants also look more natural and won’t shift unexpectedly on you.

Dental implants also don’t have to be removed at night. They stay in place in your mouth, not soaking in a jar by your bed. In some cases, of course, implant dentures may have to be removed to be cleaned, but other implant dentures are permanently affixed and can be worn for as long as they last–years, even decades.

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