Living with sleep apnea can be rough and riddled with nights of difficult sleep without proper treatment. At home, many people use a CPAP device to help ensure that their airway remains open while they sleep. Unfortunately, CPAP devices have not exactly been known for their portability. In the past many people with sleep apnea had to restrict travel, or attempt to lug around cumbersome CPAP equipment. Fortunately, due to recent developments in technology, sleep apnea patients are no longer slaves to the CPAP.

Portable CPAP

It seems like as we push forward technologically our devices get smaller, and the CPAP is no exception. Many companies have been releasing CPAP devices with traveling specifically in mind. Not only are they lighter, but they also can be powered through the use of a battery pack which means you can use it in a car or on a plane.

Earlier models of portable CPAP devices did not include the health and breathing monitoring equipment that comes standard on larger CPAP devices, but that has now changed and most of the more portable models include these measurements, which might be necessary for insurance purposes. The main drawback with these devices is that many do not include a humidifier, or rely on your own breathing to humidify the air flow from the machine.

Dental Appliance

While the new portable CPAP devices are definitely a step up from past models, they are still pretty conspicuous. Not only are you reliant on a power supply, be it power cord or battery, but you are also still dealing with a certain level of noise. For those that are looking for something even more portable there are dental appliances.

Unlike CPAP devices, which use an air pump and mask to force your airway open, dental appliances treat sleep apnea by holding your jaw in a position that keeps your airway from collapsing. There’s no pump sounds, no hoses to get tangled up, no machine that needs to be inspected at TSA, just a compact appliance that fits in your mouth like a sports mouthguard.

Stop Snoring and See the World

If you notice that you or your partner have been snoring it is important that you visit your physician or a sleep specialist. Sleep apnea has been linked to several illnesses including diabetes and obesity, and can be life threatening if left untreated. Why wait? If you are in the Orlando area, sleep dentist Dr. Michael Weinstock in Altamonte Springs can help you get fitted for a dental appliance. Please call (407) 834-6446 today for an appointment.