There is an old saying that goes, “We all smile in the same language.” This is more than just a nice sentiment as smiling is one of the only non-verbal signs that crosses language barriers. Seriously, don’t try to give someone in Thailand a thumbs up, you might bite off more than you can chew! You would think that because smiling is universal across cultures that both sexes would find this attractive. Well, not entirely, the results are a little more mixed.

Portrait of an attractive man, smiling

To Smile, or Not to Smile

A recent study looked at whether a smiling man is attractive to females. It was broken down into two experiments. The first experiment took 218 graduate and undergraduate students from Japan, Norway, and Italy, and then split them into two groups. One group was to rate images of smiling and nonsmiling men with a short-term relationship in mind. The other group was to rate with the idea of a long-term relationship in mind. Nearly across the board, the short-term relationship group considered non-smiling men more attractive, while the long-term group considered smiling men more attractive. This is likely due to the desired result of the relationship. A woman seeking a short-term relationship would likely desire more masculinity while a woman seeking a long-term relationship would likely seek a more trustworthy partner.

There is, however, another survey that was recently done MarketTools Inc. that asked 5,481individuals who use the online dating service what they look for in a potential partner.  Interestingly enough, both men and women listed good teeth at the top of their list. This all seems pretty confusing, so what’s the takeaway on this?

Take Care of Your Teeth!

Whether you like to play the tough guy, or are all smiles it is still important to take care of your teeth. As unromantic as this sounds, a date is a lot like a job interview. Even if your teeth do not reflect your glowing personality, stereotypes exist unfortunately. And it’s better to have an attractive smile when you want it than it is to be constantly hiding your teeth.

And one day even the toughest loner is going to meet that woman he wants to stay with, not just for a day or a week, but maybe for always. And that’s when he’s going to want his smile.

If you think you need cosmetic dentistry for your smile, we can help. For those who are afraid of the dentist (and a lot of tough guys are), we also offer sedation dentistry as well! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please call Michael L. Weinstock DDS in Altamonte Springs at (407) 834-6446.