Teeth play a significant role in getting a job. Studies have found that people with an attractive smile are more likely to get a job than those with an unattractive smile. Whether it is social stigma, physical well being, or confidence, people with poor oral health are at a disadvantage. According to a recent Job Creation Index, now may be the perfect time to fix bad teeth and step into the rising U.S. job market.

Job Creation at a Seven-Year High in the U.S.

Young professional woman at a job interviewIn an ongoing index using phone-survey data, Gallup researchers have been tracking job creation rates since 2008. In 2009, people reporting that their employer was actively hiring to expand the company fell to 23%, while employers shrinking their personnel rose to 26% and employers making no changes in their staff numbers stayed at 47%. Jobs were not becoming available as quickly as they were disappearing.

Similar numbers continued for two years, but then employment opportunities began gradually climbing in 2011. The 2015 index showed that only 12% of employers were actively letting employees go, and 41% of employers were making no changes. Employers actively expanding and seeking to fill new jobs rose to 40%, a number not seen since 2008 when the index began. Although it is unclear whether or not these numbers will continue to increase, the prospects of finding a quality job in the U.S. job market right now are high and people feel optimistic about available job opportunities.

Your Smile Can Hurt or Help Your Job Prospects

Physical appearance makes an impression in an interview. If you appear unkempt and messy, prospective employers may be inclined to think that they are speaking with someone who does not conduct him or herself in a professional manner. Unfortunately, teeth can leave this same impression no matter how well dressed you are. Even subconsciously, an employer may be distracted by signs of poor oral health and interpret these signs as unprofessional appearance. Conversely, employers may consciously be more inclined to choose an interviewee with no obvious dental problems because oral problems can cause people to miss work multiple times for dental procedures.

Oral health doesn’t just affect how employers see you, but also how you present yourself. For many, having bad teeth is embarrassing. People with bad teeth may be less inclined to smile often to avoid showing their teeth. Not only that, but this embarrassment may drain a person’s energy and resolve for job searching in the first place. Part of that energy drain comes from pain or discomfort caused by bad teeth, and can even be a result of medical problems caused by poor oral health.

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Increase Your Job Prospects with a Healthy Smile

Whether your smile needs whitening or a major overhaul, now is a great time to get the dental work that you need to improve your job prospects. Fixing your teeth so that they look nice will give you a confidence boost. Fixing decaying teeth or replacing missing teeth can also improve your physical health, giving you the energy you need to get yourself out there while the job market is good.


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