Dental fear can have many negative consequences, but where does it come from? Understanding the origins of dental fears can be an important part of overcoming it. Once you realize that dental fears aren’t something you can really control, then you realize that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get help overcoming them.

Sedation dentistry is a great approach to overcoming dental fears to get the dental care you need or cosmetic dentistry you desire. To learn whether sedation dentistry can help you, please call (407) 834-6446 today for an appointment with Orlando area sedation dentist Dr. Michael L. Weinstock in Altamonte Springs.

Dental fears and anxiety can have several causes, but there are ways to manage them.

Learned Dental Fears

For many people, dental fears also called dental anxiety can begin long before their first appointment. Parents who are themselves afraid of the dentist may communicate that fear, and attentive children are alert to this potential signal of danger.

Parents may also inadvertently instill fear when they are trying to teach children the importance of oral hygiene. Using the dentist as a bogeyman to scare children into brushing their teeth can backfire with a lifetime of dental anxiety that keeps them from getting care.

Bad Experiences

Children and adults may also develop dental fears as a result of bad experiences at the dentist. In fact, as much as ⅔ of people with dental fears attribute them to previous bad experiences. This may include painful experiences, humiliating experiences, experiences that made them feel out of control, and more.

The good news is that positive dental experiences can overcome previous negative experiences. Sedation dentistry can be very helpful for building up positive dental experiences for people who might otherwise avoid dental care altogether. Many people who use sedation dentistry for several visits find they do not need it as much in the future.

Associated Phobias

For many people, dental fear is a secondary development based on other fears. Going to the dentist is just one place where they will be confronted by these related fears. Some of the most common fears that keep people from visiting the dentist are:

  • Trypanophobia–the fear of needles
  • Aquaphobia–the fear of water or drowning
  • Claustrophobia–a fear of close spaces

For people with these fears, the dentist is a terrifying place. If these fears are mastered, often the dental fear will also go away. Unfortunately, overcoming these phobias can be a lifetime journey. Sedation dentistry helps ensure you get needed dental care while you are working through your fears.


Many people avoid the dentist out of embarrassment. There are many potential sources for embarrassment. People may just be embarrassed about being so close to another person they don’t know very well. Your dentist gets as close to you as an intimate partner, which can feel uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Other people are embarrassed about the condition of their mouth. This is a dental fear that is self-enforcing. When a person avoids dental visits for this reason, their mouth just gets worse, which makes them more embarrassed. Sedation dentistry can break this cycle, potentially helping a person regain a good footing so they can make regular dental visits again.

Lack of Control

Many people dislike going to the dentist or doctor because they feel out of control. The dentist is doing things to them that they feel they don’t understand and haven’t chosen.

Dentists are somewhat to blame for this, because they don’t always carefully explain to patients what the procedure is about or what it’s trying to accomplish. Some dentists are worse about this than others. Dentists who are used to dealing with anxious patients are often more careful about explanations and approaches.

Unfortunately, sedation dentistry may not be as helpful for people with this type of dental fear. It can help people get the care they need, but it won’t actually help reduce the fear for the future. It may even accentuate the fear.

The End of Dental Fear

If you are tired of living with dental fear, sedation dentistry may be more than just a short-term fix: it may be a step toward a cure. Especially when combined with other therapies, you may be able to see the end of your dental fear.

To learn more about how sedation dentistry can help you, please call (407) 834-6446 today for an appointment at the office of Dr. Michael L. Weinstock in Altamonte Springs.