Missing teeth affect your physical and mental health. Many people believe that once they lose a tooth, they can live with the unsightly hole because it won’t do them any more harm. Whether you realize it or not, your missing teeth can endanger the health of your jaw, decrease your social interactions, lower your self-esteem, and even cause poor nutrition. Dental implants can increase your confidence and keep you healthy.

Illustration of dental implants supporting a bridge

A dental bridge supported by dental implants rather than neighboring teeth

Better Nutrition

Your body relies on a well balanced diet to keep you moving. Everything that you eat provides vital nutrients that keep your body strong and healthy in one way or another. Some foods can even keep you looking youthful. Missing teeth often limit what you can consume. You might avoid certain foods because your missing teeth make them uncomfortable or difficult to chew. Durable dental implants can help you bring more variation back into your diet.

Reduce Jaw Pain

Missing teeth can also lead to the development of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), a painful condition affecting the jaw joints. If you avoid chewing on the side of your mouth with missing teeth, your jaw joints wear unevenly. This can cause a misalignment of your jaw, or even promote the early onset of arthritis, causing TMJ to develop. Symptoms associated with TMJ include radiating facial pain, jaw popping and clicking, tinnitus, and tingling in your hands and feet. You can prevent TMJ by replacing missing teeth with dental implants, which allow you to chew evenly on both sides.

Prevent Jawbone Destruction

The human body is masterful machine equipped with many ways to repair itself and compensate for damage. Unfortunately, sometimes these strategies cause more problems than they solve. Our bodies often deal with damaged or unused bone by breaking it down in a process called bone resorption in order to repurpose the nutrients. When you lose a tooth, your body can break down the jaw bone in the empty socket, which causes your other teeth to shift over and fill the space. Placing a dental implant can prevent bone resorption, and keeps your other teeth in place.

Improve Speech

Language relies heavily on specific placements of your tongue and lips against your teeth to create sounds. Lost teeth can make the creation of certain sounds more difficult. When pronouncing words is difficult, you might feel less confident speaking, and avoid it as a result. Dental implants can make speaking easy again.

Restore Your Confidence

Your smile plays a huge part in how you feel about your appearance. Embarrassing gaps can make you less attractive, or cause people to assume negative things about you based on preexisting social stigmas. An incomplete smile can even negatively impact your success in today’s job market. Missing teeth can also give your face a sunken, aged appearance. Your teeth support the muscles in your face, and without them, wrinkles and hollows form. Dental implants will allow you to maintain your good looks.

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