If you are anxious about visiting the dentist, music may be just what you need to help calm your anxiety so you can actually make visits to get the dental care you need. But if music alone isn’t enough to overcome your dental anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry to help you calm down.

And research shows the two approaches to calming you can be complementary.

A Large Review of Music Therapy

Listening to the music you like can lower your anxietyOne of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, Britain’s The Lancet recently published a large review of music therapy in medical settings. The new study compiled evidence from 4261 studies, including 73 randomised clinical trials, to determine that music therapy is indeed effective in helping surgical patients with recovery after their surgery. Randomised clinical trials are often considered the gold standard of medical evidence because there are more controls on how the patients are exposed to a treatment, and neither patients nor researchers usually know who is receiving what treatment so that results cannot be skewed by the placebo effect or confirmation bias.

The results showed that people who listened to music after surgery experienced many benefits. They experienced less postoperative pain, less anxiety, needed less medication, and felt better about their results than patients who weren’t given music to listen to during recovery.

Use Music for Better Sedation Dentistry

The Lancet study didn’t show that one type of music was better than any other. However, in the past, studies have said that it’s important for you to like the music you’re listening to, so it might be best to bring some of your own music if you’re able.  If you’re coming to an appointment under the benefit of sedation dentistry, music may be a good idea to help you get even more benefit. The two don’t cancel out–they improve one another. After all, the Lancet study showed that even people under general anesthesia responded to music therapy.

At the office of Dr. Michael L. Weinstock, we are dedicated to your comfort and will work with you to help achieve the optimal environment for you to feel relaxed and open to your dental procedure.

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