Every now and then a new home teeth whitening system comes along making remarkable claims about its ability to dramatically whiten your teeth in just a few days. Among the newest of these products is Power Swabs. This product claims to dramatically whiten your teeth without sensitivity. But does it live up to its claims?

Power Swabs’ Whitening Claims

The Power Swabs’ website, itself a jumble of promotional messages and discounts, makes a number of claims about the effectiveness of their product. Among the claims they offer is the big promise that you will see an average of six shades whiter teeth after seven days’ use. After this, there are secondary claims, that it’s easy to use, and that its all-natural formula, derived from coconuts, won’t lead to tooth sensitivity.

Does It Live up to Claims?

Based on the instructions for use, it doesn’t seem that the Power Swabs system is that much faster or easier than other whitening systems. Power Swabs are filled with the special formulae, you just break the capsule inside, releasing the medication, which then flows to the swab tip. You then swab your teeth for two minutes with one swab, called the Stain-Out Swab, then for two minutes with the other swab, called the White Swab, followed by a Power Rinse. The novel delivery system might be good for some people who have difficulty managing strips and gels, but it doesn’t seem like that much of a time reduction.

But does it whiten? Probably not. Looking at reviews of the product on Amazon, the average rating is 2.2, with 51% of reviews giving the product 1 star. The most common description of the product? “Did not work” or “Did nothing.”

The only claim that seems to hold up is the claim that it doesn’t cause sensitivity. Since the product also doesn’t whiten, though, it doesn’t seem like this is a good benefit.

Benefits of Professional Whitening

Before and after whitened teethTeeth whitening by a dentist offers many benefits beyond what you get from over-the-counter remedies. First, you can get more significant whitening with our services than you can at home.

We can also formulate the whitener so that it won’t cause sensitivity to your teeth.

Finally, we can evaluate your teeth to determine whether there are other problems that might need addressing, such as tooth decay, which can cause both sensitivity and discoloration. We can let you know when a treatment such as a tooth-colored filling or porcelain veneers might be better for your situation.

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