With modern dental technology, cosmetic dentistry can make your teeth look as white as you want them. This doesn’t just apply for dentures, which don’t have natural teeth inside, it can apply for any type of cosmetic restoration of your teeth.

But if you can have your teeth as white as you want–how white is that? Well, it depends.

How Natural Do You Want Your Smile to Look?

People break into two camps when it comes to smile makeovers. Some people think that they want their smile to look like natural teeth. Most cosmetic dentists endorse this position, so they’ll make suggestions that ensure your smile looks attractive and natural.

But other people think that the whole point of a smile makeover is lost if you’re not going beyond natural. If you just wanted natural, you should stay with what you were given. If you’re getting a smile makeover, it’s got to be big and bright. It’s important to remember that for something like porcelain veneers being really white doesn’t just mean that the color will be off. It means that the translucency will be off. In order to give your teeth a really white color the veneers will have to be more opaque, which also makes them look unnatural.

Business woman with a bright smile

What Is Your Skin Color?

Teeth will look whiter against dark skin. We have to account for that when we’re trying to decide on the right shade for your smile makeover. If you have darker skin, the same level of whiteness might look too white.

Another potential problem is if your skin has a yellowish tint. If it does, it will make your teeth look more yellow, too, and we’ll have to counter that with a slight trace of blueness in the veneers to ensure they actually do look white and not yellow.

What Is Your Makeup Style?

If you enjoy a minimalist or zero makeup style, then we will want to make your teeth whiter. With natural lip colors, your teeth have to be whiter to provide appropriate contrast. You will also need whiter teeth if you tend to select pale red shades.

If you tend toward the orange side of the lipstick spectrum, too, such as scarlet or vermilion, we will have to counter the yellowness with a faint blue.

That’s What Consultations Are for

We can give you the results you want, but you have to let us know what you’re looking for. Be honest about your cosmetic goals, and we will strive to ensure that you achieve them. During your consultation, we will take the time to listen and ask questions to make sure we understand your goals for your smile makeover.

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