A lot of dentists advertise dental implants as if they’re a replacement for dentures, but they’re not. If you’re missing your teeth, you will still need dentures to sit on top of dental implants. And if you’re going to get implant-supported dentures, they should be the best dentures available. “The Denture Fountain of Youth®,” will help you get better results from your implant dentures: here’s how.

Better Comfort

FOY Dentures® give you a reason to smileOne of the things that people complain about with dentures is that they’re uncomfortable. This doesn’t necessarily change if you get implant dentures. Poorly fitting dentures are still going to hurt. They might not hurt your gums because the forces are being distributed directly to your jawbone, but they can hurt your muscles and your jaw joint, which will be struggling to try to find a comfortable position. You may even develop TMJ as a result. In fact, poorly fitting implant dentures might even be worse. Traditional dentures can slide and reposition themselves to reduce stress, but implant dentures are fixed in place, and if it’s the wrong place, you can be very uncomfortable.

FOY Dentures® are designed to fit your entire jaw system, including your muscles, jaw joints, and jawbones. The goal is to create dentures that put your jaw in an ideal rest position and encourage efficient biting and chewing.

Better Looking Dentures

It doesn’t make sense to invest in dental implants, then put cheap, plastic dentures on top of them. Will your plastic teeth will hold up to the forces of chewing with dental implants? And wouldn’t it be nice if, after investing so much in your dental implants, you also have a smile you’re happy to show off?

FOY Dentures® are made using the best materials and manufacturing processes available. The teeth in FOY Dentures® are made of an advanced ceramic similar to porcelain veneers. The denture base is made using an advanced manufacturing technique that gives them a translucency and texture like natural gum tissue. The dentures are designed to be beautiful. You can have the best smile of your life.

Younger Appearance

And it won’t just be your smile that looks younger and more attractive, either. Losing teeth contributes to the aging of your lower face. Your skin and other tissues developed around a face that had a full set of long, strong teeth and healthy jawbones. When the teeth were gone and the jawbones shrunk, there was too much skin for your face, and it wrinkled, folded, and sagged.

Traditional dentures usually don’t do a good job of replacing lost tissue. You usually end up with a lot of folding and sagging still

But that’s why The Denture Fountain of Youth® got it’s name: they do replace all that’s been lost of your oral structures. This returns your face to its youthful proportions and dramatically rejuvenates your face.

If you are considering dental implants, don’t forget that you still need to choose a denture to attach to them, and that it’s important to get quality dentures. If you want to learn more about The Denture Fountain of Youth® in Orlando, please call  for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at the office of Dr. Michael L. Weinstock.