The best way to improve your dental health is to develop good brushing habits. There are a lot of us that are guilty of cutting corners – maybe we don’t brush quite long enough or replace our brush as often as we should. Here are some tips to improve your brushing technique to leave your teeth healthy and sparkly white.

Take Your Time

It is important that you dedicate at least two minutes to brushing your teeth at least twice per day. Some dentists even recommend going as long as four minutes, but too much brushing can damage your enamel (see below), so don’t increase your brushing time unless directed by your dentist.

Close up of a happy woman brushing her teeth

Pay Attention

Be sure to keep your brush at a 45 degree angle and focus on brushing each tooth individually. This may sound tedious, but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

Find the Goldilocks Zone

Brushing too hard can strip your enamel and lead to painful and sensitive teeth. You also want to make sure that you are not gripping your brush too tightly. You want to make sure you’re brushing hard enough to remove plaque, but not so hard that it’s causing damage to your enamel. Using a soft-bristled brush and avoiding toothpastes with harsh abrasives helps, too.

Be Consistent

It is important that you brush every night before bed. Eight hours is a long time for bacteria to do their work on your teeth. Being consistent with your flossing is also very important (especially if you have dental implants). Food particles can get stuck in between your teeth and create a perfect breeding ground for teeth damaging bacteria.

Don’t Forget Your Tongue!

Brushing your tongue goes a long way to freshen your breath, and eliminate bacteria in your mouth.

Maintain Your Brush

Make sure that you are replacing your tooth brush every three or four months, and be sure to avoid overly disinfecting it as this will cut the life of your brush short. You should also be conscious of where you are storing your brush. If you are keeping it contained in a dark enclosed case as this will cause bacteria to grow on your tooth brush.

Practicing proper brushing techniques will go a long way to protecting your teeth, but it is still important to visit your dentist twice per year for routine dental check ups. It is much better to maintain healthy teeth than have to come to the dentist with a dental emergency. If you are in need of an Orlando dentistor have any questions please call Michael L. Weinstock DDS in Altamonte Springs at (407) 834-6446.