Our teeth play a huge role in supporting the muscles around our mouth. Without them, our cheeks, jaw, and lips will appear sunken in, giving our face a squashed look. There are many reasons why someone might need dentures. Natural tooth loss over time is one common reason. A person may also choose to get dentures if their teeth are too crooked or damaged for orthodontic work to correct the problem. Your confidence can take a hard hit from dental problems or sunken facial features.

Countless studies have shown that when our physical appearance does not match cultural expectations, we can become self-conscious. Reduced self-esteem often leads to fewer social interactions, which can ultimately lead to loneliness or depression. Fortunately, The Denture Fountain of Youth® can help.

Social Isolation and Depression

Mature woman seemingly depressedSocial interactions are part of maintaining your overall health. People who experience less social interaction may be more prone to depression, which has been associated with health complications. Heart failure is one life threatening condition that has been closely linked to depression. A recent health index found that 30.1% of people interviewed who reported being diagnosed with depression at some point in their lives had also experienced heart failure. The index did not prove definitively that heart disease was a result of depression, but the two are related.

Low self-confidence in your physical appearance can make you feel embarrassed in social situations. Embarrassment often leads to avoiding social contact.

Seniors at Higher Risk for Isolation

As we age, our facial structure changes. Part of this comes from the structure of our facial bones themselves changing. The other contributing factor in our shifting features is the health of our teeth. Many people lose their teeth throughout their life due to periodontal disease, accident, or infection. Tooth loss in seniors is not uncommon, but this does not mean that seniors do not feel embarrassed by missing teeth.

Aging individuals are already at a heightened risk of social isolation from decreased mobility, health problems, and hearing loss. Compared to these other risks, difficulty with speaking and eating from tooth loss and sunken-in features is a relatively easy fix. The Denture Fountain of Youth® will support your facial muscles, giving you support and improving speech.

Avoid Isolation and Discomfort from Ill-Fitting Dentures

The Denture Fountain of Youth® will support face muscles in the same way as your natural teeth, but it is important to choose a skilled dentist with plenty of experience in creating them. You should make sure that attention to detail is a top priority when having your new pearly whites created. Your mouth needs to be carefully measured to ensure a comfortable fit that properly supports your facial muscles. If your dentures are not as tall as your natural teeth, then your face will still have the scrunched, caved-in look that it had before dentures.

Proper measuring is also important for a comfortable fit in the mouth. If your dentures are loose, they can cause irritation and discomfort. In some cases, ill-fitting dentures may also be distracting, leaving you feeling disconnected from the situations around you. Uncomfortable dentures can further isolate you by making speech more difficult rather than improving it, disrupting communication and hurting your confidence. FOY Dentures® are a comfortable way to restore your confidence and keep your social life active.

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