You would not go to a dentist for a foot problem, so why would you go to a physician for dental issues? While they may seem very similar at first glance, physicians and dentists are very different and trained for different things. While physicians are trained to treat, diagnose, and medicate illness relating to the body in general, dentists are trained to practice medicine as it pertains to the oral cavity in particular.

As reported by Tampa Bay Times, an increasing number of patients have been visiting the ER for dental issues and it is costing taxpayers millions.

Why You Shouldn’t Visit the ER For Cavities

The Tampa Bay Times reports that dental-related ER visits have increased by 57% between 2005 and 2014, from 106,642 to 163,900. In 2014 alone, the cost racked up to $193.4 million, half of which was billed to Medicare and Medicaid.

In addition to costing millions of dollars, the treatment is often inadequate. Not to speak badly of hospitals or physicians, but they are simply not equipped for dental treatments. Often those patients who visit the ER with dental issues are simply given painkillers and antibiotics and are told to schedule a dental appointment. Other times, a tooth is extracted when it could have been saved using a root canal.

Additionally, this prescription of antibiotics can increase the chance of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

Dental Issues Require a Dentist

ER visits, while covered under Medicaid and Medicare, are not cheap, and while some dental visits could cost a bit of money there are options out there for those in need of dental care. Prevention is always preferable, and less expensive, than dealing with the problem at it’s worst. Regularly scheduled dental cleanings will not only keep your teeth clean and give you a head’s up on serious issues that may arise, but they are also less expensive than more invasive procedures, such as dental implants.

Additionally, many dental offices, Michael L. Weinstock, DDS included, offer dental financing for those who do need more extensive procedures. For those who are simply too afraid to visit the dentist, many dental offices also offer sedation dentistry.

Why would you want to wait any longer than necessary? If you are concerned about your dental health and are looking for a great dentist in the Orlando area, schedule an appointment with Dr. Weinstock at Michael L. Weinstock, DDS. Give us a call at (407) 834-6446 to schedule an appointment today.