Dental implants are a very successful procedure, with success rates of over 90%. They also give very attractive results—they can be indistinguishable from your natural teeth. But both the success and appearance of your dental implants depends greatly on your choice if implant dentist. It’s crucial that you carefully evaluate your choices to get a dentist who is capable of giving you the best possible results from your dental implant procedure.

Finding Implant Dentists

Lovely woman sitting by the fireplaceThere are many ways to find implant dentists. You can talk to people you know who have had dental implants placed. You can ask your regular dentist whether he knows any dental implant dentists that he could recommend. You can even ask your doctor about a dentist they might recommend.

Whether you get any personal recommendations or not, you can find additional dentists with a simple Internet search, which can turn up many dentists in your area that perform dental implant procedures.

But no matter how you find implant dentists, it’s important to evaluate their training, experience, and results.

Implant Dentist Training

According to a recent survey of dentists, nearly two-thirds of them “routinely” or “occasionally” perform dental implant procedures. The problem is that most of these general dentists aren’t trained as an implant dentist. Although all dentists get some amount of dental implant training in dental school these days, this is not the same as really being trained as an implant dentist.

In choosing an implant dentist, you want to make sure you select someone who has training above and beyond what they receive in dental school. That way you know that your implant dentist truly knows what he’s doing.

Implant Dentist Experience

Research proves that the most important factor in dental implant success is your dentist’s level of experience. You want to talk to any potential implant dentist about their experience. Talk to them not just about their experience in terms of years, but also ask about the number of implants they have placed in situations like yours. Ask to see before and after pictures and, if possible, talk to a patient who was in your position.

When talking to a potential implant dentist about their experience, make sure that their description of their experience makes you feel comfortable with them.

Implant Dentist Results

And, of course, it’s important to consider the results your implant dentist is able to achieve. Look closely at before and after pictures to see how you feel about them. Implant dentists will usually put the best pictures up on the website, but ask to look at more pictures in their office—they should have more to show you, though they might be reluctant. Make sure you’re comfortable with the worst case scenario you see—it could be you.

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