We are in the midst of a technological revolution. Control of the media is being decentralized with the populace able to upload videos at a moment’s notice, and TV on its way out. There is one other collateral casualty of the selfie age: the jumbotron. And although some might think that this is not a passing to mourn, we can’t help but feel that something of the spirit of sports is passing with them.

The Matchup

Jumbotrons have been a staple of sporting events for years. They offer a glimpse of fans that is untailored, often ungroomed, but entirely natural. Fans are sometimes caught off guard, eating a hotdog or drinking a beer – sometimes looking at their cell phones. Other times fans jump out of their seats dancing in the isles, and caught up in the revelry of the game. Couples kiss, or don’t, but the point is that it is a reflection of the fans that is unadulterated. The cheers, dances, fights, and smiles are real, though people may think they need a smile makeover after seeing their teeth ten feet tall on the Florida Citrus Bowl jumbotron. At the very least, they bring the crowd together in an entirely shared moment.

Friends taking a selfie

This sports staple is being pushed out by the cell phone. Fans are often seen glued to their screens, which is pulling their eyes off of the giant screen looming over their heads.

While cell phones are undeniably an incredible and important invention. I do not believe that they breed the same kind of comradery at sports events like the jumbotron. This is probably best illuminated by the selfie. While the jumbotron often catches people when they are most off guard (and therefore acting most naturally) the selfie is something that is entirely tailored to give off a certain impression. It is not unheard of for people to take a multitude of pictures trying to capture “the perfect one.”

In addition to this, selfies have been famously linked with narcissistic behavior. While you may be seeing smiling faces glowing through your cell phone screen, they may not be telling the whole story, the actual story.

What Do You Think?

I probably am coming off a little romantic here, but I definitely feel like jumbotrons are a great way to bring sports fans together and draw out genuine, real smiles. What do you think? Are jumbotrons a thing of the past, or should people put their phones away during a game?

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