Dental visits are generally not high on the list of things that people enjoy about life. This is truly unfortunate, as good oral health is key to live a long and happy life. A recent survey paints a pretty sad picture that reinforces the general public opinion about going to the dentist.

A Look at the Numbers

The survey, conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of OPT-In Dental Advantage was taken by 2,000 adults. In general, older patients seem to have a more negative opinion of dentists than younger patients, and shockingly, only 18% of those polled said that they look forward to visiting the dentist. One in three patients get nervous before visiting the dentist, and 44% of Americans consider visiting the dentist “a necessary evil”.

Dental opertory.

Why Is Dental Care Evil?

It is pretty disheartening that people consider visiting the dentist a necessary evil. Studies have shown that skipping out on the dentist not only costs you more in the long run, but also increases the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease, and also can cost the economy billions of dollars. Many people cite dental expenses as a major factor in why they do not regularly visit the dentist. Admittedly, some dental procedures can be expensive, especially if you do not have insurance. With that being said, a regular checkup is not going to the break the bank, and can be key in catching issues, such as gum disease, before they can do irreversible harm. If you find that you are in need of a more extensive dental procedure, many dental offices offer dental financing to help with the costs.

Many people can afford going to the dentist, but choose not to out of fear. Dental anxiety is a common issue and can stem from a number of concerns about the dentist. Fortunately, there are many tricks that can help calm you down, such as listening to music and focusing on your breathing. If you find that you are still stressed about the dentist many practices, including Michael L. Weinstock, DDS, offer sedation dentistry. This is ideal if you have issues with gagging, or if you have to sit for a longer procedure.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Visiting the dentist is a key part of good oral health. This is something that you simply cannot push off day after day. If you live in the Altamonte Springs area, please consider visiting Dr. Weinstock if you have any questions or concerns about the state of your teeth. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (407) 834-6446.