It is all too common for people to push off going to the dentist until it is too late. Whether this stems from fear of the dentist, or simply a lack of funds, studies have shown that the most common unmet medical need is dental. This is unfortunate, as forgoing your regular dental visits can actually cost you much more in the long run, and can put your health at serious risk. Take one snake handler from the United Kingdom whose transformation was staggering and pricey.

How Much is a Smile Worth?

Rob Whelton had learned not to smile around children, lest they see how badly decayed his teeth had become. This was a challenge because he worked as an animal handler and hosted many different children’s events showcasing a number of different reptiles. His teeth had become so badly decayed that it took a year and a half and cost £27,000 (or a little over $39,000) in order to replace all of his remaining teeth with dental implants.

Dental Anxiety Ruins Teeth and More

Rob didn’t let his teeth decay out of sheer laziness; rather, a very serious phobia of the dentist had kept Rob away for so long. This is a striking reminder that dental anxiety can hit anyone. As part of Ranger Rob’s Animal Experience, Rob routinely faced off with creatures that would make many of us whither: pythons, scorpions, and more! He did this without fear, but when it came to the dentist, he was terrified.

While Rob is happy with his new smile, and no longer afraid of visiting the dentist, it is sad that he waited so long to visit the dentist. Not only are dental visits key for catching conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay early, but they can also also save your life through early detection of sleep apnea and other dangerous conditions.

Fortunately, there are many tools available to help phobic patients get over their dental anxiety. Cognitive therapy has proven to be very effective, especially when it is paired with sedation dentistry. Even something as simple as listening to music, or eating calming foods has proven to help patients who are anxious about visiting their dentist.

Dr. Weinstock from Michael L. Weinstock, DDS offers sedation dentistry for his patients that are too afraid to come to the dentist without some help. If you live in the Altamonte Springs area, and are dealing with dental anxiety, please consider meeting with Dr. Weinstock. He can help address your concerns about going to the dentist and can get you on the right track to a healthy smile. Please give us a call at (407) 834-6446 to schedule an appointment today.