Altamonte Springs cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michael Weinstock and staff

Dr. Michael L. Weinstock is an experienced cosmetic dentist with extensive training in the placing of dental implants, sedation dentistry, and more. He is dedicated to his patients, his community, and his craft. He is a cosmetic dentist who stays at the front of his field with continuing education and state-of-the-art education, but who has learned the lessons that only decades of experience can teach.

Dr. Michael Weinstock

Altamonte Springs Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. WeinstockA cosmetic dentist needs to have a rich perspective that combines experience with many different viewpoints on proper dental care. Dr. Weinstock has received an education that has given him this perspective to help his patients. His education includes:

  • Undergraduate education at Emory University, University of Florida, and University of Miami
  • Doctor of Dental Science (DDS) from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry
  • Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Biomechanical Trauma from Lynn University
  • Continuing education in Dental Implant placement from Harvard University School of Dental Medicine
  • Continuing education in Sedation Dentistry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Fellow and Diplomate American Academy of Pain Management

When added to his considerable experience, this educational background can give you full confidence in the excellence of Dr. Weinstock’s knowledge about proper dental care.

How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Altamonte Springs, you have to take the care to ensure you find the right one for you. After all, nothing will impact your cosmetic dentistry experience or results more than your choice of dentist. Here’re some tips to ensure you find the best cosmetic dentist for you.

Get Recommendations

The first place to start your search is by talking to friends and family that you know have had cosmetic dentistry work done. They should be happy to tell you about their cosmetic dentist, and give you a good idea about the dentist’s strengths and weaknesses. You can also talk to your general dentist, if you trust them to give you good advice and not try to push you into working with them for cosmetic dentistry. After all, a professional should recognize their limits and be happy to work with a more focused dentist when appropriate.

Go Online

The Internet gives us many great options for finding out more about a dentist. Take advantage of these options. Check out the websites of the dentists you were recommended. Find out all you can about them. Then search for other cosmetic dentists in the area. Determine which of these you think might be best for you—and remember that what was best for your friend might not be for you.

While online, check to make sure that the dentist offers the procedure you are considering as well as:

  • Sedation Dentistry: This anti-anxiety treatment can help if you are worried about dental treatment, but it also helps if you have difficulty sitting still or being comfortable during prolonged dental treatment—a necessity if you are looking for a dramatic smile makeover.
  • Neuromuscular Dentistry: Sometimes referred to by its primary treatment concern, TMJ, you are looking for a dentist who looks at how cosmetic dentistry harmonizes with the function of your jaw to ensure it is comfortable and long-lasting.

Once you have considered a number of cosmetic dentists, choose three you want to talk to in person.

Meet the Cosmetic Dentist

Finally, you should talk to dentists in person. Make sure you feel comfortable in the office, and that the dentist and his staff convey the same level of competence you were led to expect from the website. Talk to the dentist and ask to see additional before and after pictures, especially ones for cases that are like yours. Ask to talk to previous patients.

When considering your choice, remember that the best cosmetic dentist is not necessarily just the most talented, but also the one that you can work with, and will listen to you. If the dentist won’t give you the results you want because they’re not paying attention, it’s as bad as if they just aren’t competent to give good results.

And remember that you don’t have to pick any of the ones you initially considered. If you don’t find a cosmetic dentist you’re 100% confident in, it’s better to start your search over than work with a dentist you’re not happy with.

If you’re in Orlando and would like to consider an appointment with our Altamonte Springs cosmetic dentist, we would be delighted to meet you. Please call (407) 834-6446 or email our office today.