Drug use can significantly impact your health, including your oral health. Kicking a drug habit can be hard, but once you’re clean, erasing drug damage may be an important part of your recovery, similar to the way dental implants help alleviate tooth loss grief.

If you are looking to undo this kind of drug-related damage, a cosmetic dentist in Orlando can help.

The Damage Meth and Other Drugs Do to Your Teeth

A dental operatoryThe drug most commonly associated with tooth damage and loss is crystal meth, and it’s so commonly associated that it even has a term describing it: “meth mouth.” Because of the association with tooth loss, meth’s effects on teeth have been closely studied, revealing that meth users are about 4.5 times more likely to lose their teeth than people who don’t use meth.

Tobacco use is another widely studied drug that can cause tooth loss, but meth users are 2.5 times more likely to lose their teeth than smokers.

Other drugs are also likely to lead to tooth loss, although they aren’t as widely associated with the phenomenon. for example, heroin users suffer comparable tooth damage to meth users.

Even the most commonly-used intoxicant in the US can damage your teeth. Alcohol use has been related to tooth damage and tooth loss.

Talk to a Cosmetic Dentist about Your Options

A cosmetic dentist has many treatments that can help address the damage that your former drug habit caused to your teeth. For minor cavities, tooth-colored fillings are a great option. For more serious tooth damage, dental crowns can be used to cover decay and strengthen your weakened teeth. This can preserve many teeth that were in risk, though in some cases a root canal might be necessary to prevent the spread of infection.

Porcelain veneers can be used to cover merely cosmetic damage.

Dental implants can be used if you’ve lost one or more teeth, though we may have to address the presence of gum disease before implants can be placed.

If you want to completely put the drug abuse behind you, please call (407) 834-6446 for an appointment with Orlando cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael L. Weinstock.