It looks like our dentist, Dr. Michael Weinstock, wasn’t the only one with teeth on his mind — James Corden recently brought clean teeth (or lack thereof) into the “Side Effects May Include” segment of The Late, Late Show.

Do I Have Something in My Teeth?

It’s hard not to laugh along with his list of relatable side effects that result from having a conversation with a friend who has food stuck in their teeth! I’m sure we can all relate to some of the side effects James Corden lists, like:

  • Not concentrating on anything that person is saying
  • Nodding along and saying “yeah, totally” as you continue to concentrate only on the food in your friend’s teeth
  • Trying to let them know, but being too subtle about it
  • Asking them if you have something in your teeth, hoping they’ll then ask you

Although most of us are probably a little less likely to relate to “missing the part where your friend tells you they just realized they were adopted and saying “very cool” in response to that admission”!

The segment is funny because we’ve all been in that situation before — and as often as we haven’t told our friends about the food in their teeth, there have probably also been plenty of times when we didn’t have clean teeth, and our friends didn’t tell us! There’s nothing more embarrassing than looking in a mirror and realizing you’ve had something in your teeth for who knows how long, and no one told you.

Maintaining Clean Teeth

Comedy aside, the very real side effect of having food stuck in your teeth is embarrassment in a professional or social setting — something we all want to avoid. If you find that you’re getting food caught in your teeth more than you’d like, here are some easy ways to avoid this embarrassing social faux pas and maintain clean teeth.

  • Check after eating. If you’re eating in a social setting, take a moment afterwards to check in at a bathroom or in a hand mirror (or even in your cell phone’s front-facing camera!) to make sure you have clean teeth.
  • Carry floss. Having floss on hand is always a good idea for when you realize there’s something stuck in your teeth and you don’t have an easy way to get it out. Hand-held flossers with built in toothpicks are even more convenient and flexible for these situations.
  • Brush regularly. Making sure you’re brushing well at least twice a day can keep stray food from hanging out in your teeth. And of course, there’s no harm in brushing more than twice a day for extra clean teeth!
  • Correct tooth gaps. If you find that food is getting stuck in your teeth consistently, it could be that you have gaps in your teeth that are prone to catching food. Porcelain veneers are an easy way to close tooth gaps to make clean teeth easy, as well as correct other unsightly tooth problems!

Don’t be the friend who ends up with James Corden’s hand in your mouth! Consistent brushing and flossing can make sure you’re only showing off clean teeth at social events. And if you find yourself experiencing the “side effects” of having food stuck in your teeth more often than you’d like, contact Orlando area dentist Dr. Michael Weinstock at (407) 834-6446 or online to make an appointment at our office in Altamonte Springs to learn how to maintain clean teeth.