Recently United States Representative Bob Goodlatte, a Republican from Virginia passed a bill that would strike a number of superfluous laws from the book. Among them is a law that, according to Goodlatte, “says it’s a crime to transport dentures across state lines.” Yes, you read that right. The fact checking website, Politifact, looked into this claim to see if there was some truth to this statement. There is surprisingly much more to this than just a goofy antiquated law.

dentures on a dark surface

There Is a Federal Act about Dentures!

This claim stems from The Federal Denture Act of 1942 which makes it illegal to ship dentures across state lines. More specifically, “the Act prohibited the use of the mails or any instrumentality of interstate commerce ‘for the purpose of sending or bringing into’ a state or territory any denture which had been cast by a person not licensed to practice dentistry in the state into which the dentures were sent.” Essentially Goodlatte’s claim is a little overblown. It is not illegal to wear dentures across state lines, rather this law was put into place to protect patients from receiving ill-fitting and cheap dentures. The rule is also designed to allow states to regulate whether denturists, who are dental practitioners only trained in the manufacture of dentures, are allowed to practice. Denturists are not trained to diagnose or treat oral diseases and could miss broken roots or teeth that could cause harm if not spotted before the dentures are applied, although some states allow them to make dentures under the supervision of a dentist.

Good Dentists Aren’t a Dime a Dozen

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