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664 Palm Springs Drive
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Is Stress Affecting Your Smile?

Most of the time, the things that are the opposite of the things that make us smile. But stress can do more than just keep you from smiling — Continue Reading...

Microneedles Could Reduce Pain of Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia refers to the anesthesia used when your dentist only needs to numb a specific area of your mouth, a process that many dental patients find painful and terrifying. Local anesthesia is injected directly Continue Reading...

Your Teeth Don’t Have to Land You in the Emergency Room

How many times have you been to the emergency room? Hopefully not many — but not every emergency room visit is actually an emergency. In fact, a recent study from the International Journal for Quality Continue Reading...

Do You Have a Dental Anxiety-Prone Personality?

When describing our personalities, most of us probably wouldn’t include whether or not we’re . But a new study suggests that the two could be more directly correlated than Continue Reading...

Augmented Reality Could Help You Picture Your Dental Results

If you’ve ever had a dental procedure that’s going to change the look of your teeth, there was an element of mystery involved that may not have been pleasant. Whether you’re having your teeth straightened, Continue Reading...


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