If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Orlando, it’s hard. There are many dentists who claim to be cosmetic dentists, but how do you distinguish between the ones that just say they’re cosmetic dentists and the ones that really are worthy of the title?

In our opinion, there are four major things you should look for to tell the true cosmetic dentists from those who are cosmetic dentists in name only.

Great Results

Pretty brunette with a gorgeous smileNo matter what else a cosmetic dentist has to have, this is the most important. A cosmetic dentist is one that can produce great-looking cosmetic dentistry. If the results of dental procedures aren’t cosmetic, how can the dentist really claim to be a “cosmetic dentist.” A cosmetic dentist has to have a good gallery of results to show off before you should really trust them with your own smile.

The only exception is some dentists that cater to celebrities and others who are wary of advertising that their smile has been worked on. These dentists might not put their results on a website where just anyone can see them, but will usually have some results you can look at during a consultation.

Advanced Training

All dentists have to complete a lot of education to get their degree, and they are required to maintain their knowledge by completing a certain number of continuing education credits each year. But cosmetic dentists don’t take just any continuing education classes: they pursue their passion. Look for a dentist who has taken their continuing education in cosmetic dentistry areas–such as porcelain veneers, dental implants, and rejuvenating dentures–and those that take more than the minimum.


A dentist’s reputation is built up one patient at a time. A cosmetic dentist builds a reputation by consistently offering quality services, and not just achieving a few good results they can post in their gallery. (Even the blind squirrel gets the occasional acorn!) Read online reviews to see how people in your community regard a particular dentist before scheduling a consultation. Remember, though, even a good dentist can end up with a bad patient that won’t be satisfied even by quality results, so don’t let yourself be swayed by just one bad review.


A cosmetic dentist takes time to get things done right.

Sometimes this means paying attention to your basic oral health, making sure your teeth are free of decay and safe from gum disease before attempting to improve the appearance of your smile.

Sometimes this means paying attention to the structure of your bite to make sure that restorations won’t be damaged by excessive bite force.

But it always means paying attention to you. A true cosmetic dentist will listen to you and give you the time you need to explain what kind of a smile makeover you are looking for. And a cosmetic dentist will take the time to explain your treatment options to you and make sure you understand the benefits and limitations of each one.

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